When To Hold’em And When To Fold’em In Texas Hold’em

Unless you have a pair of x-ray specs there is no true way to know what cards your opponents have and there is no way unless you have a crystal ball to know what cards are going to be drawn from the deck. This is where the ability to read people’s reactions comes into play.

The problem is that players have a habit of playing hands that have little if any chance of winning them and they take the following action. They are known to call the hand when they should fold it. They are known to fold a hand when they should raise it. They perform a call when they should have raised and they have risen when they should have folded or called.

While there are some things that cannot be predicted as you have not had enough playing time with your opponents to be able to read how they play yet. The largest mistake though that any player makes is that they call the hand when they should have folded. By playing loads of hands you have a larger chance of losing your money very quickly.

The biggest mistake that inexperienced players make is thinking that being dealt a pair of suit cards is the best possible start you could have. This of course is not as the likely hood of being dealt them is a one in four chance.

The minefield about this is that if you try and have a flush with these cards there is about a sixteen to one chance that you will succeed in getting the flush where as if you play a lower suit pair of cards you always have to weary of the higher valued flush beating you.

The second big drawback is when people get dealt a single ace as the probability of you being dealt one of these around fifteen percent of the time which means that most of the time you will not get one dealt to you which is why many of us get excited but the sight of an ace.

By playing an ace with a lower valued card you are leaving yourself open to being beaten by a player who has a higher valued card than your and an ace. You do not need to know what cards the other players have as this is a hand which should be folded straight away. The value of a single ace is nothing without another and then it can still be beaten.

If any of you and I am sure there are a few out there have ever been tempted to play these hands then do not as they start you on the long road to losing. By simply stopping playing theses hands and learning what cards to play and how to read your opponents you will become an overall better player and this will help you win more hands than you are losing.


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