What Are The Best Starting Hands To Play?

When it comes to playing Texas hold’em there are many different hands that are considered to be the best starting hands that you can be dealt. What you do have to remember is that having a good set of starting cards does not necessarily mean you are going to win the round. The game of Texas hold’em does only take minutes to learn but the art of the game can take years and for some it proves too much.

The starting cards in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing are can become the corner stone of a successful hand and this is where the intelligence of knowing which hands to play and which ones to fold becomes of the utmost importance.

There is an element of luck and an element of guts to win a poker hand coupled with a good knowledge of the game. Below are a list of the five best starting hands that I believe exist in the game today and if you are lucky enough to be dealt these then you could be onto a winner sooner rather than later.

The best starting hand that you want to see when you pick up your cards are a pair of aces. These are called pocket rockets and can be a strong backbone of your start in the hand. What you do have to remember is that a pair of aces is beatable and by having them as your starting hand does not necessarily mean that you are going to win the hand. Be careful not to get too attached to a pair of aces as they can become your undoing if that is all you are playing to get.

The next best hand to have been dealt in the game of Texas hold’em is a pair of kings or as they are called in the game cowboys. This too is not a guaranteed success and can be beaten but it is a good start to a hand. The third best hand is a pair of queens or as they are known in the game a pair of ladies. Again success is not guaranteed as I have already listed two hands that are better than them but they do provide a good starting point as well.

The fourth best hand to be drawn in the top five is what is known as the big slick which comprises of an ace and a king. This hand does give you another option as to where you play your strategy when the flop is drawn as you have two different card values to play for which slightly increases the odds of success. The fifth best hand is known as the little slick, which is an ace paired with a queen.

While the first four hands I have mentioned are widely regarded as the best starting hands the fifth is open to debate where some people believe that a pair of jacks is better but this is just my opinion. All the hands mentioned are a good starting hand but remember almost any hand can be beaten so always keep that in min

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