Tips For Texas Hold’em

There are many good tips to be found when you are looking at the game of Texas hold’em but as there are too many to list I have just listed the top ten in my opinion and I am sure that they will help you to win and not lose.

The first tip that is one of the most important is to not play every hand that you are dealt. It is more important to fold more often than you play as you are in danger of losing more money this way. When you are playing the game of poker it is important to know which hands to play and which to leave.

The second tip is never to play when you are drunk as this can impede your game and cause you to make rash on the spot decisions that ultimately lead you to lose all of your money.

The third is you do not have to bluff just for the sake of doing so. There are no rules as to how many times you can bluff and when you can bluff but there should be a time and a place where you can bluff as this can lead you into all sorts of bother.

The fourth is knowing when to get out of a hand even if you are in deep already. To be able to fold before you start wasting more money is the best thing to do. If you feel like you are going to get beaten then simply fold and wait for the next hand.

You should not call at the end of a hand just to allow the other player to remain honest. If you think he is there for the taking then bet again and take him to the cleaners. Poker is a sport not a friendship. If you are not in it to win it do not play.

You should always try and play when you are in a good mood as this transfers into your game whereas a bad mood can lead you to frustration and your judgement may not be at its best.

Always keep your eye on the cards as one of the most important things to remember is to work out what the other players are holding. This is where you should make a mental note of players betting patterns and look to use it to your advantage.

Making a mental note of how players act is also a way to win in Texas hold’em as this is what is called the tell. By looking at player’s reactions you can determine what cards they have or whether they are bluffing.

Do not attempt to go straight up against the big boys straight away as you will probably get crushed and this will leave you with low confidence and an even lower bank balance. Take your time learning the game and play within your budget.

Always play on the tables that suit you as player and your bank roll as this is the only way that you will not lose your money quickly. Remember that stakes rise when you play higher skilled tables so all the time you have spent building you bank roll can be lost in a matter of minutes on these tables so play to your means.


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