Texas Hold’em Rules

The rules for Texas Hold’em are simple to learn but the game itself is a lot harder to master. For a new comer to the game it is now easy enough to be playing quite well in a day or two. There are a few simple rules that you will need to follow to be able to understand how the game works but once you have learnt these you are good to go.

The first thing is the betting structure which can vary where in some cases an ante is used or the more common and widely used is the two players that are sitting to the left hand side of the dealer have to place a predefined amount into the pot which is called posting the blinds.

Once the blinds are posted the dealer will then shuffle the deck and then players will be dealt two cards each face down. The first two cards that you are dealt are called hole cards. Once the two cards are dealt a round of betting begins starting with the player to the left of player who posted the last blind and this is called the pre flop.

Like many poker games the actions to which you can take are quite similar and you have the choice to raise, fold or check when it is their turn. Once the betting has been complete the dealer will the disregard the top card on the deck and deal three cards face up onto the table which are called the community cards or its common name the flop.

These three cards can be used by any player to create a five card poker hand that will win you the pot. Once players have seen the flop another round of betting takes place and the player to the left side of the dealer is the first to take action. After this round of betting has been completed the dealer will then disregard the top card from the deck again and place another card face up next to the three already on the table and this is called the turn card.

Again the same rule applies in which all the face up cards on the table can be used by any player to create a five card poker hand. After the turn the players continue with another round of betting and in some Texas hold’em games the bets will double at this point. After this round of betting the dealing will disregard the top card again and place another card face up next to the previous four. This final card is called the river and again all these five cards can be used by any player to make a five card hand.

After this has been drawn there is a final betting round and then the showdown begins. All players will need to show their cards in order as the person to the left of the last player who called. Players then use their combinations of cards from their hole cards to the five cards on the table to get the best hand and win.

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