Mistakes In Texas Hold’em

There are many good players out there who play Texas hold’em but they have all made some mistakes somewhere along the line. This is a short guide of what I think are the most common mistakes that players make and if you find yourself doing any of these then stop and think about what you are doing before you lose all your money.

The most common of mistakes is that there are too many players playing all of their hands or the ones that should be folded with a second thought. You can get away with playing like this but you will have to have a good chance of winning the hand after the flop has been drawn.

The next problem is not folding when you should after the flop. So many players cling on to the fact that they have a small chance of winning instead of being clever and folding as you can lose a lot more money this way. Just cause you have to fold does not make you a worse player it makes you a clever player.

If you are playing a no-limit game then to many players who have not been playing for long will under value the pot and place small bets which, to the more experienced player are a huge bonus as it gives them the chance to see another card from the deck for little money compared to the high pot value.

Likewise the same can be said to over valuing the pot. This will have you betting on a really good hand when there is not much money in the pot. The problem is that you bet too much and players with weaker hands will probably fold than waste any of their chips against you as you seem so certain to have a good hand.

The betting position is a key failure that many amateurs fail to realise. They will play any hand that they think is good no matter where they are in terms of position when the betting begins. You should really only play strong hands if you are in an early position as to get the most into the pot.

By playing passively this allows your opponents to be able to find out who is playing a hand that really should have been folded. If you find yourself up against a player who is a tight but passive player then if you were to raise more often than not you could be winning a lot of the smaller pots on offer.

When you are playing a drawing hand you should only ever go as far as the pot value will take you. You must fold straight away when the pot odds are no longer in your favour to call.

You should always remember to keep your stack size high cause if you do not you may end up missing out on the large pot. If you are low then there is no option but to go all in and hope for the best.

You must be able to change the way you play depending on what type of game you are playing. If you are playing in a cash game then you will almost certainly play a few big hands that you think will win and if they do not you just add more money to your balance. In a tournament however you should play more cautiously and do your best to defend your stack because once they are gone so are you.

Finally the worst thing that we are all guilty of whether it is football, hockey or baseball is we try and copy the pros. These guys have been playing for years and know what they are doing. We have no right to copy them as they are a personality who has learnt how to play their own way. Do not copy them and become your own player.


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